SQP - Bronze


Having solid foundations.

A good constitution and a solid structure are essential for running a strong charity. The constitution should identify clear purposes and provide the basis for major decision making. The emphasis of Bronze SQP is upon the development of basic policies and administrative procedures, encouraging the management committee to think about planning, reviewing, communicating with users and showing that the organisation meets basic legislative requirements.

The section will cover:

1.       Governance

2.       Active Management

3.       Organisation Specific Policies

4.       Equal Opportunities Policy

5.       Health and Safety Policy

6.       Confidentiality

7.       Premises

8.       Operating Guide

9.       Protecting your money

           10.      Looking after your volunteers

Groups will work through these topics providing documentation to evidence each area. EWB will be on hand to support your group to a successful outcome.

You can download your SQP Bronze here and start your journey.  EWB will verify all of your evidence and once complete award the relevant certificates.

Why not get in touch email info@empoweringwb.org.uk or call 01635 760501