Freemasons Grand Charity

Status: Open to applications


The charity makes grants to Masonic and non-Masonic charities in England and Wales. Grants are broadly aimed at charitable work in the following fields: Youth Opportunities; Vulnerable People; Medical Research; and Hospices.


Maximum Value:£ 50,000
Minimum Value:£ 500

Value Notes

Masonic Relief Grants

Grants range from £500 to £7,000 in any one year.

Non-Masonic Charities

Grants are awarded in two bands:

  • Minor Grants - core funding grants of between £500 and £5,000 are given to smaller, nationwide charities whose annual income does not exceed about £1 million. A minor grant can be used for the general running or overhead costs of the charity and the applicant charity does not have to specify a project.
  • Major Grants - grants of over £5,000 are made only for a specific purpose and are generally made to larger, nationwide charities. The average major grant size is normally between £10,000 and £25,000 although grants in the medical research category are likely to be larger and a very few major grants of over £50,000 may be approved each year. Funding may be granted for up to three-year periods in certain circumstances where there is evidence of an on-going need for charitable grant funding. The purpose might be to fund a salary or to deliver a specific project. Grants may be made for capital projects provided that the application is for an identifiable element of the project.

Hospice Grants

Individual grants are calculated on the basis of the services provided and the number of beds operated by the hospice.

Extended Description

The Freemasons' Grand Charity Grants are provided and administered by the Freemasons' Grand Charity and are available to registered charities throughout England and Wales.

The scheme offers Major and Minor Grants to support projects with the following themes:

  • Youth Opportunities.
  • Medical Research.
  • Vulnerable people (for example, older people and babies, people with disabilities or healthcare needs).

The Charity also offers Hospice Grants to support the running costs of hospices, and Masonic Relief Grants to support destitute or distressed Freemasons and their dependants.

Latest Information

Deadlines for the schemes are as follows:

  • Masonic Relief Grants - applications may be submitted at any time.
  • Non-Masonic Charities:
    • Minor and Major Grants - applications are considered at meetings held in January, April, July and October. Third 2015 deadline: 28 August 2015.
    • Medical Research Grants - applications are considered at meetings held in April and July. Third 2015 deadline: 28 August 2015.
  • Hospice Grants - 2015 deadline: 31 July 2015. Details of the next deadline will be added when the information becomes available.

Key Criteria

Registered charities that operate nationwide throughout England and Wales are eligible to apply.

Preference is given to medical research applications from charities that are members of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC). If a charity is not a member of the AMRC its research project should have been peer reviewed in accordance with the guidelines of the AMRC.

Hospice grants are available to Hospice services in England and Wales that receive 60% or less of their funding from the NHS.

Eligible Expenditure

Masonic Relief Grants

Helping poor or distressed Freemasons and their dependants remains a priority and assistance is given through the Masonic Relief Grant. Grants can be awarded for essential daily living expenses and unexpected needs (redundancy, outstanding funeral bills, other emergencies).

Non-Masonic National Charities

Grants are awarded to nationwide charities operating in the following fields:

  • Medical research - grants are made for a specific research project that has been peer reviewed in accordance with the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) guidelines.
  • Support for vulnerable people.
  • Youth opportunities.
  • Hospice services.
  • Air Ambulance charities.
  • Worldwide disaster relief.

Projects do not have to be new to be awarded funding.

Hospice Grants

Grants are given towards the operating costs of hospice services for adults and/or children

Match Funding Restrictions

Applicants are expected to show what other sources of funding have been sought and secured.


Grants are not available to the following:

  • Individual people (unless acceptable under Masonic Relief Grant guidelines).
  • Charitable services serving a local area only. For example: regional hospitals, local churches, day centres or schools.
  • Local charities affiliated to a national charity who have their own charity number.
  • Organisations not registered with the Charity Commission.
  • Organisations or projects not located in England and Wales.
  • Animal welfare.
  • The Arts.
  • Environmental causes.
  • Charities with sectarian or political objectives.
  • Hospice Grants are not given towards building costs or to hospices that are not yet operational.

Application Procedure

Applications are made by submitting the appropriate application form, accompanied by the Charity's latest annual report and accounts.

Applications will be acknowledged with in a few weeks of receipt.

Contact The Freemasons' Grand Charity for further information

Addresses and contacts

Application forms may be available to download on the funding body’s own website.

Contact details:
Head of Non-Masonic Grants
Freemasons' Grand Charity
60 Great Queen Street
Telephone:020 7395 9261