Community Education Fund

Status: Open to applications


Applications up to a maximum of £10,000 per organisation will be considered. The average grant for Community Learning is around £2,500. For Adult Skills applications funding will be based on the SFA programme weighted funded rate (excluding area uplifts) as outlined in the SFA simplified funding rates catalogue and in accordance with the SFA learner eligibility rules.


Any organisation that provides a community service in West Berkshire aimed at any of the key priority group including schools, colleges, training companies, voluntary organisations, housing associations, community groups, children's centres, nurseries and local authority services.

Extended Description

Funding Available

A. Community Learning
Government funded Community Learning provision is non-accredited learning designed to help adults (19+) gain a new skill, improve health and wellbeing, re-connect with learning, gain employment, prepare for progression to formal courses or learn how to support their children better. Two strands of provision are available:
1. Targeted provision
Funding is available for projects working with the following key priority groups:
 People with disabilities and learning difficulties
 Vulnerable older people
 People who are unemployed or under employed
 People with no qualifications or low levels of skills
 People with mental health issues
 Parents who need help to support their children in school
 Ex- offenders and probation clients
 People with or recovering from drug or alcohol dependency
 People suffering from domestic abuse
 Carers of vulnerable adults/children

2. ‘Keeping Active’ provision
Funding is available to provide short courses for older people in West Berkshire Council residential care homes and courses for clients that attend West Berkshire Council Resource Centres serving elderly people, people with learning disabilities and people with physical disabilities.
The WBC care homes are: Chestnut Walk(Hungerford), Notrees(Kintbury), Walnut Close(Thatcham), Willows Edge(Newbury). The resource centres are Hungerford Resource Centre, Phoenix Resource Centre (Newbury), Greenfield House Resource Centre (Calcot).
Courses will enable learners to maintain and/or improve their physical and mental abilities, provide opportunities to learn new skills and enjoy the social aspects of learning.

B. Adult Skills
Government funded Adult Skills provision is provided for qualifications that are part of a regulated framework approved by the Skills Funding Agency, for learners aged 19+. Applications are invited to deliver qualifications which support learners without level 2 qualifications, learners without GCSE English or Maths at grades A*to C or for learners who are unemployed and on active benefits.

Key Criteria

The fund will support a wide range of projects such as family learning and parent support courses, financial literacy, improving IT, Maths, English and language skills, personal and community development, social, personal and employability skills training and qualifications to encourage individuals into the workplace. In addition, the fund can be used to support research into the learning needs of community groups.
Programmes can range from short one-day tasters to longer six to ten week projects. The fund may support all or part of the project such as tutor costs, transportation, project management time, crèche facilities and course materials.

What do the panel look for when evaluating the bids?
The Community Education Fund panel will score the bids based on the following criteria:
 Project Overview and Priority Groups
 Identifying local need and working in partnership
 Delivery Plan
 Delivering Personalised Learning
 Learner Progression
 Value for Money

Latest Information

All projects must be delivered and evaluated by 31st July 2016

Application Procedure
Stage 1 Complete and submit your bid to by Thursday 2nd July 2015
Include the following in your submitted bid:
a) CEF Bid Form
b) Course details spreadsheet
Stage 2 Meeting of the Community Education Fund Panel to review projects and award funds.
Stage 3 Successful bids to be announced by 13th July 2015

The application must include a description of the project and the intended outcomes, how you have identified the need for the course, details of priority groups you will work with, how you will record their progress and achievement, opportunities for progression after the course has finished, timing and total estimate costs. You also need to identify a Project Manager who will monitor the project throughout each stage and be the main contact with the Community Learning Team.

Download the Bid Form, Course details spreadsheet and guidance notes from The guidance notes will provide a fuller explanation and help you to fill out the bid form.

Addresses and contacts

01635 519060 or email