Bulldog Trust and the Fore

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Funding and strategic support is available to empower dynamic small charities based in the UK to access longer-term funding streams and social investment.

Fund Value:
£ 10,000,000

Value Notes

Up to £10 million will be available from 2017 to 2020.

The Trust will provide grants of up to £30,000 over one to three years and access to business expertise to help successful applicants achieve their goals.

Professional support includes ongoing mentoring, strategic advice, governance support or other assistance.

Extended Description

On 27 March 2017 the Bulldog Trust will launch a major expansion of its funding programme. The Fore Trust, which is part of the Bulldog Trust and a partner of the Big Lottery Fund, will elevate dynamic small charities with funding and expertise to increase connections, share skills and strengthen society as a whole.

Over the next three years (until 2020), the Fore will develop, scale or improve the highest-quality early-stage charities and social enterprises. The Fore will bring together business and financial support to expand capacity, building on the huge success of the funding model piloted as the Golden Bottle and Bulldog Trust Joint Funding Initiative. Dynamic small charities will be empowered to succeed in collaboration with carefully selected members of the business community.

With more than £1 million pledged to cover all operating costs, business members will have exclusive, cost-free access to opportunities to use their skills to drive change in the most dynamic and effective social projects in the UK.

The Bulldog Trust is a charitable trust that has given financial and advisory assistance to charities for more than 25 years.

The Bulldog Trust in partnership with the Golden Bottle Trust offered funding from 2012 to 2016. That funding programme has now come to an end.

Latest Information

The Fore will open its first funding round for registration on 27 March 2017 at 10am. Registration is run on a first-come, first served basis. Once the cap is reached, the round is closed.

Key Criteria

Any organisation that is small (with annual income of less than £1 million) and charitable can apply.

Applicants need to be UK registered, but can be a charity, social enterprise or community interest company.

Eligible Expenditure

Funding can be used for a wide range of charitable causes in areas such as the arts, community, education, environment and wildlife, health and microfinance and the developing world. (Funding for charitable activities overseas will only be awarded to organisations based in the UK.)

The funding is intended for charities and organisations where the grant will do one or both of the following:

  • Generate a result which is proportionately much greater than just the small sum of money received.
  • Allow the organisation to overcome a temporary hurdle, setting it on track to succeed in what it aims to do.

The grant should have the potential to transform the organisation being supported; enabling the grant recipient to take a step forward in its development and do something that it was not able to do before.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Extending the reach of an existing offering.
  • Creating a new strand of work that strengthens sustainability.
  • Developing new partnerships.
  • Becoming more organised in their own operations.


The following are not eligible for funding:

  • For-profit organisations and projects.
  • Organisations based outside of the UK.


Application Procedure

The first funding round opens on 27 March 2017 (10 am). The first 400 successfully registered organisations will be invited to submit a simple application by 24 April with funding decisions announced in early July.

There will be three funding rounds per year in line with the academic calendar.

The Fore is an open-access funder with no lengthy application forms.

Applicants should explain who they are, what they need and how our funding will make a marked difference to their work.

Full details, including guidelines for application and FAQs, can be found on The Fore website.

Address & Contacts

Contact details:
Reena Gudka
The Fore 
2 Temple Place